AnyOption Review

AnyOption is a unique binary options broker. When reviewing binary option brokers, traders will notice that many brokers use the same trading platform. AnyOption uses their own proprietary trading platform that is not used by any other brokers.

AnyOption License

The main factor that made AnyOption such a large and successful binary options broker is the fact that they are a licensed broker. Their main license comes from Cyprus’s CySEC. They received that license at the end of December 2012. Their corporate name is Ouroboros Derivatives Trading Ltd. They then registered with financial regulators across Europe. Many EU countries accept CySEC as part of the MiFID legislation but AnyOption has additionally registered with the FCA in England and CONSOB in Italy.

AnyOption Platform

As we mentioned earlier in the review, AnyOption uses a unique trading platform. They offer binary options on about 150 different assets (Forex, Stocks, Indices & Commodities). Their standard return for $EURUSD options is 70%. Depending on the time frames and the asset class, the returns range from 60% to 100%. They officially offer some options with returns on the hundreds or percent but those are such a long shot, we doubt anyone every trades them, or actually makes money on them.

They have trading apps for Android & iOS. The trading apps have been updated as recently as last month (August 2014). It doesn’t cost anything to download and try out their apps, just click here.

The offer rebates on options that expire out of the money. For example the $EURUSD which expires on the half hour, if the trader is correct, the trader receives 70% profit. If the trader is wrong, the trader get a 15% rebate, see here.AnyOption Review

A problem for some traders with AnyOption, is that they do not offer 60 second options. Traders looking for high speed options like the 1, 2, and 5 minute options should visit


Withdrawing money from you account at AnyOption should not be a problem. It takes a few days for withdrawals to be processed. There are very few brokers that have instant withdrawals. Remember, this is a trading account, not a bank account, so withdrawals can take time. Withdrawals are either posted back to the traders credit card, that was used to fund the trading account, or via Wire Transfer. The trader is responsible for the wire fees charged by the bank.


As with all binary option brokers, traders may find complaints about AnyOption. 99% of complaints about binary option brokers comes from traders who do not read and understand the terms and conditions of opening a brokerage account.

If you are currently trading with AnyOption and have a complaint the procedure is as follows. First email your complaint to [email protected]. If they have not resolved your complaint within a week, then you can take your complaint to CySEC, see here.